History Of Us And Liberia Relations  

Liberia started its relations with the US in the year 1819 as the US Congress sanctioned $100,000 to establish Liberia. Liberia was officially recognized by the United States in the year 1862, and both the countries they had good economic, military and diplomatic ties till the 1990s.

At the time of World War 2, Liberia joined hands with the allied forces and Monrovia became the host to the allied logistics bases. Liberia also got the rubber plantations of Firestone which was set up after World War 1. This plantation manufactured large number of arms to help the allied forces in World War 2.

The relationship between Liberia and the United States strained during 1971 and 1980 because of the president of Liberia William R Tolbert who had diplomatic relationship with the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. In the year 1978 jimmy carter the president of United States was the first one to make official presidential trip to Liberia. In the 1980s, the United States faked close relationship with Liberia in the cold war to repress the movements by socialists and the Marxists going on in Africa. American government has given some $500 million to $1.3 billion dollars in the 1980s directly and indirectly.

As the government of Charles Taylor came into power the relation between the United States and Liberia were strained by the civil war in Liberia, abuses of human rights and regional instability.

When Charles Taylor expired in the year 2003, both the nations again had diplomatic ties. George W Bush, the president of United States, sent two hundred marines to the Monrovia’s airport for peace keeping.

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History Of Us And Liberia Relations




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