History Of Madagascar In Colonial Times  

Madagascar, which is also referred to as the Republic of Madagascar, is an island in Indian Ocean on the southeast coast of Africa. Madagascar is the main island off Africa and it is considered to be the fourth largest on Earth.

History Of Madagascar In Colonial Times         In the early 1790s, Merina rulers successfully established control almost all over the island which includes the coast. In the year 1817, the Mauritius British governor and Merina ruler had a treaty to abolish slave trade which is a significant part in the economy of Madagascar. In return to this British assisted in financial and military assistance. British had been strong for many decades at the time when the court of Merina converted into Congregationalism, Anglicanism and Presbyterianism.

As the Indian Ocean was in control of the Royal Navy and Arab slave trade came to an end, the western Sakalava was bought down from power. There was unification of the Betsimisakara in the east coast which later faltered.More...



Culture And History Of Madagascar

Culture And History Of Madagascar

The history of Madagascar as recorded had started in the 7th century. It was begun as the Bantus set up trading posts to trade with the merchants of Arab countries all along the coast in the northwest of the island. The prehistory of Madagascar began as the early human settlers started coming in who were from the Southeast Asia.

Europeans came to know about Madagascar after age of discovery. Starting from the 17th century the scramble for Africa started with the French and the British colonial empires fighting for supremacy in Madagascar. The island was formally declared a French protectorate from the year 1890, and then became the colony in the year 1896. It got independence from the French in the year 1960.

Madagascar has very interesting features in regard of nature, humans and also animals. The country started developing own culture and lifestyle.More...



Madagascar Flag History

Madagascar Flag History

The Republic of Madagascar was earlier known as Democratic Republic of Madagascar and Malagasy Republic has changed a lot socio-economically and politically in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is located in such a place that it got the attention from French and British.

The French won, and Madagascar was made the colony of the French which came to an end in the 19th century. The country got its independence on 26 June 1960 from the French colonization. Tsiranana was the head of the first republic and was superseded by the military regime in the year 1975 which was led by the lieutenant commander Didier Ratsiraka.

As the political dissent raised and the socioeconomic position declined in the early 1990s, the second republic gave away to democratization which was spreading all over African continent. On 27 March 1993, Albert Zafy was made the third president of the island Madagascar after the independence.More...





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