History Of Education In Morocco  

Morocco got its independence in the year 1956 and after a year the basic principles were laid down by the royal commission for education reform. The main principles are urbanizing the faculty and the curriculum, widening access to all levels and unifying the education system. The instruction model was same as the pre colonial times at the Quranic schools which concentrated on the Arabic literature and Islamic studies.

The new Moroccan state with independence adopted the French educational system and introduced technical track to already existing original and modern track. The modern track was the continuance to the French system of education and it made French as the medium of instruction. The original track was all about the education based on Quranic schools which emphasized the civilization and culture of Islam and Arabic is the medium of instruction. The technical was to develop a group of skilled persons who will be able to serve the needs of the nation.

It was in 1959 the ministry of national education came into existence to start training the natives to replace the teachers from foreign countries, to come up with new schools and to employ the government educational reforms. It was made compulsory to have basic education in the 1960s and by the year 1985, 85 percent of school age kids were enrolled in schools, which is a tremendous improvement when compared to 17 percent at the time of independence. Many children belonging to the rural areas are not attending school although it is made compulsory.

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History Of Education In Morocco




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