History Of Morocco  

The span of the history of nation Morocco is more than 12 centuries and the first unification of the country happened in the year 780 AD by the Idrisid dynasty. This made Morocco the first African Islamic state that had no connections with the Arab empire.

The Muslim Spain and the Maghreb were dominated by Morocco under the Almohad and Almoravid dynasty. The Almohad rule was ended by reconquista and Jews and the Muslims moved to morocco. During the time of the Saadi dynasty the morocco combined the power and threw out the Ottoman and Portuguese invaders like in the battle of Ksar el Kebir.

It was the time of Ahmad al-Mansur that earned prestige and wealth to the sultanate and it initiated the Songhay Empire to invade. After Al-Mansur died, the division of the country was made among sons of Al-Mansur. The reuniting of the Alaouite dynasty happened in the year 1666.

The state organization had developed with the Ismail Ibn Sharif. Using his black guard he made the English move out of tangier and Spanish move out of Larache. The Alaouite dynasty has maintained the Moroccan independence as others surrendered to the Europeans.

In the year 1912, after the Agadir crisis and the first Moroccan crisis, it signed the Treaty of Fez which divided Morocco into protectorate of Spain and French. In the year 1956, after Morocco was occupied for 44 years it got independence from French and became the Kingdom of Morocco. There are also people who are Iberians, Arabs, Sephardic Jews, sub-Saharan Africans and Phoenicians who live in Morocco.

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History Of Morocco




Food-History-Of-Morocco      Morocco is in the northwest side of Africa. Morocco is little larger than the area of California and it has 3 different regions. The north coast which is located beside the Mediterranean Sea is of fertile land which is elevated around 8,000 feet. The Atlas Mountains are located between the northeastern Mediterranean and southwestern Atlantic coast. The east and the south are covered with semi arid area called Western Sahara which is the connection between the African Sahara Desert and Morocco. More..




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