History Of Newspapers In Nigeria  

The newspaper of Nigeria covers all the local issues, major events, politics and celebrations the way of life of people in Nigeria and the business news. The system of Nigerian media is pulsating. It has more than 100 local and national newspapers and also publications.

The government owns some of these publications and newspapers. The newspapers also have dailies, tabloids and also periodicals that act in defense of the Nigerian ethnic group welfare.

The media in Nigeria has a lot of liberty. The private press agencies criticize the Nigerian government on many issues. They had played a very important to get the sincere and a very responsible government in the fourth republic. At the time of president Obasanjo the media enjoyed a lot of freedom in Nigeria.

The most popular national daily newspaper is the guardian which is owned privately. The vanguard is the daily newspaper which is the most admired and is based in the Lagos. Other newspaper which is popular in Nigeria is the daily sun. The 2 significant newspapers which are owned by the government are the New Nigerian and the Daily Times. The other important newspapers are The Punch, The Champion, The Daily Independent, and This Day. The weekly magazines which are popular in Nigeria are Tell and the Newswatch.

Nigeria also has a news agency known as News Agency of Nigeria, which is owned by the state. It is the source of news for all the Nigerian newspapers. Direct reporting is also done in the media of Nigeria as the newspapers cover the local and national news.

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History Of Newspapers In Nigeria




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