History Of Taxation In Sierra Leone  

After the American Revolutionary War, the Americans tried to settle the freed slaves who were with the Great Britain. In the year 1787, 400 people went to the Sierra Leone province; they got some land from the Temne leaders and set up the province of freedom which is located near the present Freetown.

They did not have happy living because a disease killed many people in the first year. They again planned for resettlement in the year 1792 and 1,100 people were freed by Thomas Clarkson. And they were 500 blacks who were freed from Jamaica who joined in the year 1800. The colony was under the control of the Sierra Leone Company. In the year 1807, slave trade was outlawed by the Great Britain. In the year 1808, the colony came under the control of British government.

The Sierra Leone was made the British protectorate in the year 1896 and hut tax was introduced in the year 1898 and the people had to pay the administration costs. The Africans were against the tax and protests were headed by Bai Bureh in the north and Poro Secret Society in the south but the British won over the protests.

The Hut Tax War, which was introduced in the year 1898, was to resist themselves from the war and it was started by Bai Bureh the Temne chief in 1898 and after some period some natives also got involved like the Mende. The war was started by the kingdoms in Africa to be independent when the Britain declared that Sierra Leone will be the protectorate of Britain. Hut Tax had seen two rebel groups against them which were headed by Bai Bureh, and the other group was headed by Momoh Jah of Mende. The people had to pay tax which was based on their hut size.

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History Of Taxation In Sierra Leone




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