Sierra Leone Civil War History  

It was in the year 1991, when the civil war in Sierra Leone was started by the Revolutionary United Front led by Foday Sankoh. Two million were relocated and tens of thousands died in this 11 year war. The refugees moved to the neighboring countries. The war was declared to have finished on 18 January 2002 officially.

In the year 1985, Joseph Momoh who was a military leader was made the Sierra Leone president. One of the major groups in opposition included students Foday Sanhok, Rashid Mansaray, Abu Ahmed Kanu. Many students in this country were expelled and they moved to Ghana and then to Libya and there they went to Moammar Qaddafis secret service military training. Many unemployed men, who were young and students, were recruited and as the members grew they had internal conflicts and many moved away from the group some went to the Ghana universities and others to the Sierra Leone. The remaining group moved to the Kono district and went around the diamond mines and spoke to the workers about their lives and started spreading the revolution.

The first campaign of the RUF was launched from Liberia in the eastern Kailahun on 23 March 1991. In the following 4 months almost 107,000 refugees moved to guinea. The head of RUF military wing was Foday Sanhok. The rebels demonstrated brutality very quickly. The children were recruited forcibly by the government.

The RUF intellectuals were against the methods used and these intellectuals were eliminated in the first year of the war when Sankoh came into power. The victims included two allies of Sankoh.

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Sierra Leone Civil War History




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