Brief History Of South Africa  

Africa is often called the cradle of mankind. There are ample proofs available that the earliest humans were the inhabitants of South Africa. Modern human beings were the inhabitants of Africa for 100,000 years.

In the past millennium lot of changes happened in the southern Africa. The tribes who belonged to the central Africa moved to the south into the South African central and eastern parts.

By the starting of the 13th century the people of the Iron Age got settled in the Kruger national park of north area. They have traded artifacts to china and this has the evidence in the ruins.

By the mid years of the 17th century, the European trading ships started to sail the seven seas. Jan Van Riebeeck along with some men, were sent by the Dutch East India Company to construct a fort and to establish halfway station to ships that sail to the eastern trading posts. They first negotiated with Khoikhoi, but they had a conflict about the grounds for grazing and theft of the cattle. In ten years time, the first farmers were given the land for cultivation and before the century ended few settlers started to move to east and north. The African and the eastern slaves were bought to do strenuous labor. Diseases such as smallpox have reduced the population of Khoisan people and colonies were formed by the whites. The people who came into Africa bought with them the religions such as Islam and Christianity.

As the 18th century was ending, the farmers who were migrated were communicating with inhabitants who spoke Xhosa who lived in the Eastern Cape. In the year 1806, Europe was raging with the Napoleonic wars and the Cape came under the colonial rule of British.

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Brief History Of South Africa




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