History Of The Internet In South Africa  

It was in the year 1988 when the email link was established, the people who were involved in this are Dave Wilson, Jacot Guillarmod, randy bush and pat terry. The link was set between the Rhodes University situated in Grahamstown and to the randy bush home located in Portland, Oregon. Dave and Jacot worked as systems programmers in a computing center. Pat Terry headed the Computer Science Department.

The Fidonet mailing system was used as an email link for transport mechanism to send and receive emails between the Fidonet gateway run in Portland, Orgean and the control data cyber computer in the Rhodes University.

After a year a UUCP gateway got parallel to Fidonet link and it was a dialup system. The UUCP gateway provided the Fidonet with many superior facilities as the standards of the UUCP transport protocol was same as the internet standards mentioned in the RFC 822. During that time the universities in South Africa, especially the Rhodes University, University of Natal, Durban and university of Cape Town used the TCP/IP protocols internally.

During that time, the 9600 bps channel was used by using the Uninet network and connecting the Rhodes and the UCT and they tried to connect internet between the two institutions and the LANs. A commercial product called win/route a Wollongong product was used to make a PC to work like a router. As that product did not work out and they were all set to give up they tried with the PC route and the traffic flowed and this happened in 1990 May.

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History Of The Internet In South Africa




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