History Of Sudan Government  

The present northern Sudan was the Kingdom of Nubia in the ancient times and the kingdom was under the rule of Egypt till 350 AD. The Nubian and the Egyptian civilizations known as Kush prospered until 350 AD. It was in the 6th century when the missionaries started converting the people to Christianity, but the Muslim Arabs, who influenced the religion before the missionaries, were the controllers. And, Islam replaced Christianity.

In the 1500s, the Funj tribe took control of almost all the parts of Sudan and many black Africans became the settlers of the south which include Dinka, Nuer, Azande and Shilluk. Sudan was again conquered by Egypt in the year 1874 and in the year 1882 Egypt was occupied by the British and it took Sudan in to control in the year 1898.

The Sudan nationalism started to grow in the 20th century as the British and Egyptians left Sudan with the self government in the year 1953. Independence was declared on 1 January 1956. After the independence, the ruling parties were unstable with the parliamentary governments and the military people ruling the party.

Sudan was instituted with the fundamentalist Islamic law in the year 1983 under the rule of Major General Gaafar Mohamed Nimeiri. This worsened the conflict between the Arabs in the north, the government, black Africans and southern Christians.

The civil war started due to the differences in religion, language, political power and ethnicity among the government forces which influenced the southern rebels and the National Islamic Front.

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History Of Sudan Government




Sudan-History      All through history Sudan had the Arab heritage in the north and African heritage in the south. Both the groups were divided based on the language, religion, economic class and race and this lead to ethnic clashes. As the southern part of the people in Sudan ate isolated geographically, they were unable to participate in the political, economical and social life of Sudan. More..




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