History Of Tanzania  

Archeologists have evidences that Tanzania had inhabitants from ancient times. They have got evidences from the fossils of human beings in Olduvai Gorge of north Tanzania, which is called the cradle of mankind. They found paranthropus bones in these fossils which are said to be more than two million years old. Also, they found the Laetoli footprints which are known to be the footprints of the human ancestors which date back to 3.6 million years.

Before 10000 years Tanzania was home for the hunters and they combined with the people who spoke Cushitic and they were from north. The Cushitic people brought in the practices of agriculture, production of food and farming the cattle.

Some 2000 years ago people who spoke Bantu got into Tanzania from the West Africa in groups of migrations. They introduced the iron working skills and brought in the ideas about political and social organizing. They were the ones to absorb the Cushitic people and the Khosian people. Then arrived the Nilotic pastoralists and they immigrated all through the 18th century.

Merchants and as well as travelers from western India and Persian gulf started visiting east Africa in the first millennium and the towns came up on the coasts of Tanzania and Kenya in the later years of the millennium. But the remains which are found in these towns give evidence that the towns came into existence from the natives. The language they used to communicate was Swahili which is a part of Bantu language that was brought from the north Kenya coast.

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History Of Tanzania




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