Uganda History  

The British arrived in Uganda towards the middle of the 19th century. The region was placed under the dominance of the British East Africa Company by the year 1890. However, the finances related to this control turned out to be non-viable to the British and after just four years, a British protectorate was declared over Uganda.

The economy flourished owing to the agricultural prospects of the country. Nearing the 1950s, a parliamentary government including whites and blacks was set up to grant independence to Uganda. The Uganda People’s Congress emerged as the most powerful political party under the guidance of Milton Obote, who finally became the President of the independent country in 1962. In actual terms the country gained independence completely by the year 1967.

The commander of the military of the country, Idi Amin Dada overthrew Obote within a span of 4 years after independence. He declared himself as the supreme power and President of the country forever. His authority over Uganda was synonymous with unparallel brutality and subjugation. He also ousted the Asian population residing in the country. His autocracy continued for a period of 8 miserable years wherein approximately 300,000 citizens lost their lives and the economic condition of the country was disastrous. In the year 1978, Amin attacked Tanzania that led to the capture of the capital Kampala and culmination of his tyranny. Since then, there have been a series of clashes between opposing groups within the nation. Nevertheless, the government of Uganda has made considerable progress in the last few years and the economic condition of the country is said to be fast gaining strength.

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Uganda History




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