History Of Malnutrition In Zimbabwe  

Even in this century, Zimbabwe is enveloped by diverse challenges in the form of HIV/AIDS, dying economic condition, drought, non-proficiency in the agricultural domain and lack of basic social amenities to the people. Insufficiency of food stands out as one of the chief concerns in this region.

The year 2008 witnessed Zimbabwe going through immensely difficult period in terms of its economy and the state of its people. Extreme child malnutrition spread in parts of Zimbabwe targeting many innocent lives. The political turmoil in the country has led to the scarcity in terms of cash, fuel, medical drugs, electricity and food. In order to tackle the severe malnutrition condition in Zimbabwe, attention needs to be focused on health, maternal care and food availability. It is rather unfortunate that a country at one time referred to as the bread basket of Africa stands today at the point of starvation.

No one seems to be taking onus of the grave situation. While the President, Robert Mugabe attributes the condition to the heavy sanctions forced by the West as a penalty for contempt of human rights, his critics give a different story. They blame his poor economic policies for the predicament. The government further blames the West for exaggerating the condition in order to pressurize Mugabe to resign. Apart from the dearth of food, what aggravates the situation is the impending cholera epidemic owing to the failure in the country’s health and sanitation services. The fatality rate owing to the disease is increasing by the day since either the patients are unable to derive help from the health centers or the health centers are not well equipped to handle the situation. The WHO and Red Cross have sent in assistance but the work seems endless.

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History Of Malnutrition In Zimbabwe




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