Zimbabwe Flag History  

The National Flag of Zimbabwe was instated on April 18, 1980. The flag of Zimbabwe projects seven horizontal bands of equal width in the colors of green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow and green. The exact ratio of the shape of the flag is 1:2 which denotes the length to be twice the height.

The flag further depicts a white isosceles triangle bordered in black with its bottom on the hoist side. The Zimbabwe emblem highlighted in the flag represents a yellow Zimbabwe bird that symbolizes the history of the country; while the red five pointed star denotes peace. Each color of the flag also stands for a specific meaning. Green represents the land and agriculture which in turn points towards optimism and happiness. Yellow denotes mineral wealth, red reminds the people of the blood that the martyrs shed to attain independence, black represents the natives of the country and finally the white denotes peace and integrity.

The flag of a nation demonstrates its honor and prestige and is therefore to be handled with respect. There are strict rules laid out to be followed to maintain the decorum of the Zimbabwe flag. The National flag of the nation takes precedence over the state, military or any other flag in that order. The Zimbabwe Flag is never flown over another national flag as the action has a condescending attitude attached to it. Care should be taken to hang the flag in the correct direction. The flag should neither be dragged along the ground or be in a faded or frayed condition. In circumstances highlighting the latter, the worn out flag is to be destroyed with due respect as well. The best way suggested is private burning.

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Zimbabwe Flag History




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