History Of Islam In Asia  

The Muslims first occupied Arabia in about 150,000 BC which were called the Old Stone Age. People at this time were mainly hunters. The first sign of civilization occurred in 2000 BC when some of the Semitic speaking people moved into the Arabian land. They could have come from north of Arabia. Their main occupation was as shepherd and goatherds and they moved around like nomads.

The first Muslims were nomads and many of them continue to be so. In the southern side of the Arabian Peninsula there were Muslim farmers. The queen of Sheeba mentioned in the Bible could have been one among these farmers.

After Alexander the Great conquered Persia more knowledge was acquired about the Muslims as Greeks were already trading with them. The Arabs had traveled into India by then and were trading spices from India. The Arabs fought with the Romans in a war against the Sassanids.

Prophet Mohammed was born in Northern parts of Arabia in Mecca between 570 and 580 AD. His exact birth details are not known. When he was forty years old he heard Angel Gabriel telling him that he was a saint in the line of Moses, Abraham and Jesus. Mohammed named his faith Islam, and slowly progressed by converting several people to take up the religion. Many Arabic tribes converted to Islam and saw him as their leader.

Mohammed died in 640 BC and by then Islam had taken over West Asia. The Religion also was widely spread in these parts by then.

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History Of Islam In Asia




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