History Of Slavery In Asia Timeline  

Slavery has a vast history in the Asian continent. Almost all the parts of Asia were involved in the Salve trade for a long time. Until 1908 slave trade was very much in practice in the Ottoman Empire. Russian and Persian prisoners were sold as slaves.

According to a British officer called Sir Henry Bartle Frere, there were nearly 8 to 9 million slaves in India in the year 1841. Slavery was an abolished practice in Hindus and Muslims of India. In Istanbul, nearly one fifth of the population was enslaved at that time.

In China, the Imperial government had abolished slavery in the year 1906 and the law came into force in 1910. In China, there was a very strong opposition to slavery at the end of the 17th century and very soon it became a female dominated constituency. The Nangzan tribes of Tibet were originally house hold slaves. They however formed their own territory. Even Korea had their own indigenous slaves. However, in Korea slavery was abolished in 1894, but it continued until 1930 and then completely stopped. From 1392 to 1910, when the Joseon Dynast ruled Korea, nearly 50 percent of the population was enslaved in Korea.

Even in Southeast Asia slavery was practiced in countries like Thailand, Burma and the Indo-china region. The Thai people kidnapped the tribes in the Indochina region and took them as slaves. Even the Vietnamese and Cambodians did the same and captured other territories to obtain slaves. By the 16th century, slavery was banned in Japan and after that there was no trace of it.

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History Of Slavery In Asia Timeline




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History Of Slavery In Asia Timeline )
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