Caribbean Carnival History  

In all countries some days of the calendar are reserved for special days and festivals. In many countries, one such a day is reserved for carnival celebration, and it is one of the best ways for a social gathering and creating a cultural phenomenon. People all over the world sometimes participate in a country's carnival.

Carnival is nothing but a street party with displays and parades. Italy was the first country to have started the carnival by the Catholics, and it was hundreds of years ago.

Caribbean the land of exotic beaches and locales also celebrates an annual carnival. The Catholic Europeans set up colonies in the Caribbean and conducted slave trade. It was during this time the carnival originated in Italy. The main tradition and culture that is followed in the carnival is the African dance and music. This type of music had heavy influences on the American and European music later. The most important and key highlights of the Caribbean carnival are the African traditions of parade and wearing costumes with masks. This tradition according to the African culture is known to remove evil spirits and bring good fortune to the country. So you see a lot of African influences in the carnival of the Caribbean.

Today, it is celebrated in a rich and elaborate way. Months of preparation is put into the carnival in designing the costumes and masks. Big vehicles are made for the carnivals and displays. The carnival groups plan on the music, dance and coordination of the theme. Several groups participate and perform in the carnival.

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Caribbean Carnival History




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