Caribbean History  

The land of the Caribbean is a rich, diverse and cultural place. There was a tradition of slave trade and colonialism created by the early Europeans in the Caribbean and the influences of it are transparent even today to travelers of the region. The first people to have explored the Caribbean are the Europeans. They called it traveling to the New World.

There were two races of American Indians in the region, namely the Arawaks and the Caribs. The Arawaks were from the Bahamas region and the Caribs came from Venezuela in South America. Also the Caribbean history indicates that the Ciboneys would have come to the islands nearly five thousand years ago.

The Tainos were believed to have occupied the Caribbean islands several hundred years ago. The European settlers who came to the islands saw the Arawaks and Tainos were spread on several islands of the Caribbean. The Borniquens occupied the Puerto Rico region and the Lucayans were in the Bahamas. The Tainos were found on Hispaniola, Cuba and Jamaica. The main food sources for the islanders were from the Ocean. They ate fish, parrots, manatees and small animals that lived on the island. The Carib tribe started forcing the Tainos out of the islands eventually due to the non availability of food on the island. The Spanish arrived on the Caribbean in quest of gold. The enslaved the Taino tribe, and sent them to South Africa to hunt for pearls and dig for gold. However, several of them committed suicide due to slavery.

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Caribbean History




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