History Of Social Work In The Caribbean  

Caribbean has several social workers who have a large mount of work to do there. Mainly social workers are needed in the school system to manage hundreds of kids. Social workers are known to take large work loads. Caribbean islands have had a long history of slavery. Even today slavery exists and also human trafficking takes place. The island had ignored education for the children especially in places like Jamaica and Haiti.

Also, Trinidad based social workers say that they do not have enough resources to work there. There is a lot of violence and lack of anger management in the islanders. Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica never did really need any social workers. The government in these places depends on the extended families that people have and they do take care of each other. A social worker may not play that kind of a role and it ill take along time for such a profession to come along. However, social workers and non government organizations from the United States do send their workers to the Island to help the salves and educate them.

As such the Caribbean did not have a social organization network of their own. Even today it continues to be the same. With the growing population of children on the Islands there is a need for social workers to educate and care for their psychological health and such needs. However, social workers work on soft skills like character building and other kinds of psychological health of the children mainly.

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History Of Social Work In The Caribbean




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