Central America History  

Several historians believe that the Central Americans were people from Asia who could have migrated to the land 20,000 years ago. At that time the Berring Straits from Russia to Alaska was frozen. Some other historians believed that the seafarers crossed the ocean into California. Christopher Columbus arrived in Central America in 1502.

At that time the people who lived here were in the jungles. There were a very small percentage of hunters and gatherers. There were Spanish settlements and the first one to be established was in 1509 in Central America. Panama also served as a base for Frances Pizarro to take over the Inca Empire which was in Peru.

In 1519, Cuzumel was attacked and Hernan Cortes led the war all the way up to Mexico. Also, in the same year, Pedro took over the Panama City and continued invading towards the north. He was known to be cruel to the indigenous population of the area.

By 1524 Grenada and Leon were established. After that Guatemala and El Salvador were taken. They also clashed with another force from Spain to take over the Honduras. The indigenous tribes that live din Central America fought each other and at this time small pox was widely prevalent. A lot of people in Mexico also died due to the disease. Soon enough Guatemala was taken over by Mexico. The indigenous populations were subject to extreme levels of cruelty and ill treatment. In 1773, an earthquake destroyed most of Guatemala and then a new city was established.

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Central America History




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