Earthquake History In Central America  

Central America has been prone to earthquakes since historical times. The area around the Panama is very volatile and the climatic patterns change frequently. The great landmass to one side and the Coco and Caribbean land masses tend to push each other. This triggers earthquakes and also causes volcanic eruptions. However, there is a lot of biodiversity in the region.

Costa Rica is the second smallest area after El Salvador in Central America. Several earthquakes had struck Costa Rica in a span of 100 years destroying much of its natural beauty. The reason for the frequent earth quakes and volcanoes that are massive in nature is due to the shifting land masses. The ocean pressure and the land shift are causing them to occur so frequently.

The biggest loss was felt in Guatemala in 1509 when a massive earthquake claimed one entire city. A new city was then constructed and is known as Guatemala City today. Ever since the land shift has not stopped and massive earth quakes hit the area every few years. Once in 25 years there will be an earthquake in some part of Central America causing huge losses.

In 1773, a massive earthquake struck the beautiful city of Antigua and ruined the entire city. However today the ruins have been restored and Antigua remains to be the charming old city it was once before.

In 1854, San Jose which the capital city of Costa Rica, GreyTown, San Juan Del Norte were destroyed by another massive earth quake.

In 1882, another earthquake occurred in Guatemala, and in the year 1906, there was an earthquake in the Philippines.

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Earthquake History In Central America




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