History Of Hurricanes To Hit Central America  

Central America has been suffering from the damaging forces of nature like hurricanes, storms and earthquakes for several hundreds of years now. The region is extremely susceptible to climate changes. There have been several hurricanes in the region and the earliest documented ones were from the 15th century.

In 1502, Christopher Columbus experienced the first storm with so much magnitude in his life. Being a sea farer it came as quite a shock for him to experience so much of nature’s violence. This storm occurred in the passage in Puerto Rico and it killed nearly 500 sailors. This was formally named the hurricane.

However, Central America has had some of the deadliest of hurricanes. Central American Hurricane is perhaps the deadliest of them all and it occurred in 1934 and killed nearly a hundred thousand people. After that Hurricane Mitch was considered to be the second deadliest of them all. It is one of the most powerful one to have occurred in the Atlantic Ocean and then took over the mountains of the Honduras and Nicaragua. It was raining continuously but it devastated several regions of the area.

On an average every five years one severe hurricane has been hitting Central America and people's lives are being devastated repeatedly. This has been happening for centuries now. Some people think it is the Incas curse which will never leave the land and geographical experts think it is because of the location of the land that is causing such natural calamities so frequently.

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History Of Hurricanes To Hit Central America




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