History Of Music In Central America  

Latin America has a rich cultural and traditional wealth. It has a diverse set of cultures at the same time. The music from this area has been very lively and popular through the ages. Latin America's music has been born out of European folk music and also African traditions. It is a unique blend ad combination offering the best of both the worlds. It is not as popular as the American as in United States music, but several forms of it are very popular in the United States.

The Tango was developed during the 1890s. People in the working class in Argentina invented this music and called it the Tango. The name for it was actually given by the African slaves for the unique drum beats that was involved in it. Even the Cuban music had some influences on the tango. This was actually a very graphic street depiction of the life of the prostitutes. The Tango mainly talked about the relationship between the prostitute, her pimp and the male partner.

The Banoneon was another slow type of music which involved a lot of moodiness. The lyrics were bizarre and called the lunfardo. Until the Tango was popularized, the Waltz and the Polka were the only two types of dance and music forms that allowed the partners to dance. However, Tango came in and raised the bar and it allowed almost vulgar contact of two partners.

Today, in modern music world, there have been several artists from Latin America who have popularized Tango and presented it to the music world with a blend of music from other cultures.

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History Of Music In Central America




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