A Short History Of Modern Europe  

Modern Europe is characterized as the time period when the industrial revolution began and the New World was found. The period falls between the middle ages and the industrial revolution of Europe. It spans a time period of three centuries, between 1500 and 1800. This period marked several new beginnings in Europe.

There was a tremendous improvement in science, technology, inventions and even politics was rapidly developing. The concept of nations and state was emerging fast. The power of the Catholic Church became even stronger during this period.

Renaissance had the biggest effect on Europe where the continent went through several transformations. The Renaissance started in Italy and it spread most to the north and west side of the continent. There was a tremendous increase in art and literature. Also, history and religion grew in prominence. All these together brought a great period of inventions and discoveries for Europe.

The later parts of the renaissance and the industrial revolution, especially during the 17th century and the 18th century saw Europeans making important discoveries in the fields of medicine and metals. This attracted tremendous wealth for the nations like Britain and Italy. At that time Greek and roman cultures were also extremely popular. There was something called the Greco-Roman culture. Both the Greek and the Romans and the Europeans call this the golden age for their countries. Everyone was prosperous and whatever they touched turned into gold. Gold was discovered during this period. The Modern European history was the best period for Great Britain and Greece especially on many counts.

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A Short History Of Modern Europe




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