History Of Early Europe  

Early Europe is the time that spanned five hundred years and that was from 500 to 1000. These were called the Dark Ages in many books. Entire Europe was widely following Christianity at this time and it was the de facto religion. People knew of no other god by now. The Muslim world was becoming more prominent at this time. The European world, in spite of its wide spread acceptance of Christianity, was far inferior to Muslims.

By 1000 AD, Constantinople had a population of three hundred thousand followers of Islam and so did Rome and Paris. At that time the church was centered at Rome and what we know as Vatican today.

Emperor Constantine was the first emperor of the Byzantine Empire. He named Rome as Nova Roma, and called it the new capital. However, England declared itself as an independent country in 100 AD under the leadership of King Alfred, and they were one hundred percent Christians. They had no Muslim influence. However, the Byzantine Empire did not pursue the kingdom and therefore, England became a separate entity on its own.

Rome and Greece were subject to many changes and this includes France also. People from the Asian regions started flowing in to England because of the ill-treatment of the Arabs, and other Muslim nations. They were Christians, and most of the Christians were Africans. They found security in France and England where Christianity was the de facto religion. For England, 1000 AD was beginning to end the dark ages and it was going to show them a new era of development and growth.

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History Of Early Europe




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