History Of Eastern Europe  

Europe can be divided into East and West Europe because of their cultural influences and diversity. The western territories of Europe widely accepted Latin languages and the Eastern territories were too far apart. The Roman Empire and the Hellenistic civilization had a great impact on this division.

During the middle ages the Western European Empire failed. However, the Roman Empire then called the Byzantine Empire. However, this empire, whose first emperor was Constantine, was heavily Muslim influenced and followed Islam. This was the reason why a great divide came in western and Eastern Europe.

At that time most of the Eastern Europe was occupied by the Mongols. When the Byzantine Empire ruled the centre of the Orthodox Church was in the crux of the Kingdom. It was time of great strife in Christianity. There was a huge battle between Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox at that time. Eastern Europe means wherever Greek was spoken and those countries were Greek, Cyprus, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

After the World War II, towards the end, the future of the European continent was agreed upon by the allies at the Yalta Conference in 1945. After the war Europe was segregated into West and Eastern Blocs. Once the cold war started there was a complete disconnect between the two parts. After the World War stopped and the Cold War continued, people stopped referring to Central Europe completely. The term Iron Curtain was used to segregate the Stettin and Trieste from the Baltic to the Adriatic.

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History Of Eastern Europe




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