History Of Europe  

The history of Europe started with the early inhabitants of the continent. The first settlers in Europe came in the time frame of 45000 and 25000 BC. One of the first civilizations to be documented was the Greco Roman civilization in 700 BC. The Greek civilization was predominant at this time, and had an effect on language, politic, education, arts and science and philosophy of the entire continent.

Even the Roman Republic followed similar value systems. After civil war in Rome, Constantine shifted his capital from Rome to Byzantine and renamed it to Constantinople. Today, the same place is known as Istanbul. The empire was again split after repeated attacks on Western Roman Empire. Rome was conquered by the Visigoths who were the first Germanic people to migrate into roman territories.

As Constantinople fell apart, the Germanic people spread their kingdoms and they started a new language called the Latin. What was Eastern Europe was brought under the rule of the new kingdom. In 1054 AD, the church split based on Christian Orthodox Church and Roman Catholicism. In 1396, the largest war was fought for Christianity to control the Muslim expansion, and in this war Spain, France, Lithuania and the Byzantine Empire fought together.

Due to aristocracy, feudal societies formed in Europe. There was a lot of unrest and then the Back Death pandemic took over. It killed nearly 60 percent of the European population. Post 14th century, there was Renaissance in Europe and also the region saw the onset of the Industrial Revolution. There was tremendous growth and Europe entered a period of golden age that full of property to most of the kingdoms.

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History Of Europe




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