Austria History Timelines  

Any nation’s timeline would describe about the changes that took place over centuries. Every decade or period would have something interesting and innovative. Let us present you some information on Austria and the changes that took place right since 25000 BC.

More recently, in 2005, some leading archaeologists did encounter remains of babies that died some centuries ago. The condition in which their bones were recovered suggested that they died after sacrificing themselves in any kind of custom or ritual prevailing at that moment. In the year 2002 over 150 temples were discovered to be submerged in the fields near a village called as Aythra that prevailed in between 4800 BC to 4600 BC. Two great German hikers discovered a corpse of a person named Otzi inside the glacier .After enormous research the Ice Man’s body was found to be filled with tattoos and a flint arrow. It was estimated that he belonged to C3300 BCE.

Further Austria’s salt mine totally covered in Bronze which was prevalent since C1000 BCE had managed to enter its 21st century. In the year 899, the last emperor, namely Arnulf, died in Carinthia. Did you also know that the name Austria did feature in the age old manuscript of 997?

In the year 1235, the emperor ordered everyone to include family names followed by Trieste becoming an Imperial City in 1295. The year 1298 saw many Austrians getting massacred. Adolf of Nassau was killed by Albert in the year 1298. Many Jews were imprisoned and excelled in 1421 and 1496. The year 1527 saw Austria forming a union with Croatia. Further, in the same decade the imperial court was shifted to Prague by the then emperor Rudolf II.

The year 1663 was a tough period as Austria was involved in a war like situation. Coming back to 2010, nearly 70 Nazi victims body were found by the army. These victims were a part of the Holocaust period.

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Austria History Timelines




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