Brief History Of Austria  

Most of you might remember Austria primarily due to World War I where it played a great role. It was one of the prominent forces in the fifteenth century due to its involvement in Hapsburg Empire. The country was formed in the year 1918 as Republic of Austria and till 1955, when it emerged as a single independent nation.

However, in the year 1995, the country gained major prominence by being a part of European Union. The country is divided into nine smaller states with the central government governing them. The Federal Council represents and takes policies in the interest of the Austrian Embassy.

On the other hand the National council takes care of the national interests.

Now each state comes under the rule of a governor but the rules and power are governed only by Federal government. The federal government takes the right to dissolve powers with the approval of Bundesrat. The Nationalrat was elected for nearly a period of for years with each branch consisting of HOG, Chancellor and President. However as usual the President does not hold any power in case of emergency or peace and is only responsible for electing the chancellor. The chancellor has the right to head the appointed ministers.

The present government works with the help of a coalition between FREY, BZO, and people’s party, Alliance for Austria’s future and the OVP. The social democrats and Green party do operate on a national level but the Communist party and Liberal forum do represent a part of Austria’s parliament. The Freedom Party has over the years gained a great support and many claim this is due to their extremely xenophobic attitudes. Austria did face lot of embarrassing moments and faced quite a lot of problems with other EU nations in 2000. Haider formed BZO and managed to continue activities that were abandoned previously. But it has hardly affected Schuessel’s party and his power as most of the members chose to stay with his party in 2005.

The nation is presently headed by members of the Social Democrats and the rest of them have lost terribly even in the regional sector.

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Brief History Of Austria




Political-History-Of-Austria      Whenever we talk about history of a particular nation we have lot of things to concentrate on. Firstly the demographics followed by customs, political scenario and people. Austria‘s political history is quite interesting to notice and we have found out some information which might help you at any given point of time. Political students would find this information too important. More..




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