Austria History Timelines  

Any nation’s timeline would describe about the changes that took place over centuries. Every decade or period would have something interesting and innovative. Let us present you some information on Austria and the changes that took place right since 25000 BC.

More recently, in 2005, some leading archaeologists did encounter remains of babies that died some centuries ago. The condition in which their bones were recovered suggested that they died after sacrificing themselves in any kind of custom or ritual prevailing at that moment. In the year 2002 over 150 temples were discovered to be submerged in the fields near a village called as Aythra that prevailed in between 4800 BC to 4600 BC. Two great German hikers discovered a corpse of a person named Otzi inside the glacier .After enormous research the Ice Man’s body was found to be filled with tattoos and a flint arrow. It was estimated that he belonged to C3300 BCE.More...


Political History Of Austria

Political History Of Austria

Whenever we talk about history of a particular nation we have lot of things to concentrate on. Firstly the demographics followed by customs, political scenario and people. Austria‘s political history is quite interesting to notice and we have found out some information which might help you at any given point of time. Political students would find this information too important.

The present political scenario is a result of certain parties ruling as early as in the 19th century.

Do you know that in the year 1873 a marginal amount of people were entitled to vote in the Imperial Assembly and the ones who wanted their voices to be heard had to be part of political parties and join political movements! It was basically the First Republic to bring out a new policy allowing both women and men equal rights to enjoy the voting process. The Social Democrats enjoyed victory in 1919 for the very first time and Karl Renner emerged as the State Chancellor. Later Viktor Adler of Social Democratic Worker’s Party did introduce a new socio-political policy which basically provided the jobless with jobs and the employed ones with additional benefits like a fixed 8 hr working schedule etc.More...


Brief History Of Austria

Brief History Of Austria

Most of you might remember Austria primarily due to World War I where it played a great role. It was one of the prominent forces in the fifteenth century due to its involvement in Hapsburg Empire. The country was formed in the year 1918 as Republic of Austria and till 1955, when it emerged as a single independent nation.

However, in the year 1995, the country gained major prominence by being a part of European Union. The country is divided into nine smaller states with the central government governing them. The Federal Council represents and takes policies in the interest of the Austrian Embassy.More...





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