Denmark Flag History  

Did you know that the Danish flag is one of the oldest recognized and used one? No other nation has managed to have a flag that is old. Surrounding by controversies like the design being a replicated one, it has managed to save its integrity. The flag is red in color with white cross which somewhat looks like the Red Cross sign.

It basically means that the country was divided or ruled by the Roman Empire but in reality it was never under the empire. So then why did the flag signify something like that? The answer is uncertain. Now the flag did undergo the so called changes over generations. Initially the nation had a split flag design which was recognized till 1856. Later in 1893 they changed the design and it looked like a square-ended one. Whatever, changes happened the essence and the purpose was left untouched.

History reveals that many other Scandinavian nations tried to adopt the cross symbol in their respective flags as well. Coming back to eighteenth century when it was redesigned into square like look was approached as a result of its tremendous use in the Mediterranean Sea against the naval flags. The white panel on the flag indicates ships sailing against a big backdrop. Prior to eighteenth century the flag looked like a split image indicated some kind of conflict between the naval ensigns and was used throughout 1696 to 1856. Presently the flag denotes shorter look with the cross in the center and represents Dannebrog. Any further information on this can be achieved through various books and websites. But make sure you have a look at all the images of the Danish flag and a detailed description on each of the designs.

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Denmark Flag History




Denmark-History      It all began as early as 12500 BC, when traces of men engaging in hunting and fishing existed. It was only after the Ice Age that farming was considered as an occupation in the Neolithic Age around 3900 BC. Towns developed during the Iron Age period in 750 AD. Then the country got unified around 700 AD with the decline of Frankish empire. More..




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