Timeline Of Finland History  

You might already know that Finland is known for its art and architecture. It is also the least corrupt nation and economically well developed. Other important landmarks that took place can be explained as follows. Governor of Viipuri founded the Olavinlinna Castle on 1475 between Finland and Russia. The Swedes founded Helsinki in the year 1550.

In the late 1890s Finnish brigand recruited men who were capable of carrying and pulling heavy loads and today this is considered as a sport. The nation considers Snellman Day on 12 May as the famous nationalist, journalist and statesman Snellman was born in 1806. Sweden separated itself from Finland in 1809, thereby allowing Finland to be a part in duchy of Russia.

The famous pirate Plumridge robbed the Finnish coast along with few others on 5 May 1854.The next landmark event was when the famous Finnish painter Helene Schjerbeck was born on 10 July 1862. Nokia Group began with manufacturing paper products, wood as well as cellular phones in 1865. The year 1867, saw the birth of Carl Mannerheim, the president of Finland. The famous composition Kareila was composed by Jean Sibelius in 1893. The late president Urho Kekkonen was born in 1900.The major landmark event took place on 7 May 1906, when women of Finland were allowed to vote an emerged as the very first European nation to follow this practice. Finland was independent on 1917, following its separation from Russia.

On 18 December 1917, Stalin and Lenin both declared Finland as an independent nation during the Soviet Regiment. On 22 February Germany managed to capture the Baltic States from Finland and Russia. However, on 7 March 1918, Finland signed a treaty with none other than Germany. On 6 June 1919, Finland was on war with Bolsheviks. Inland passed a sterilization program on 1930 and carried it till 1955 thereby sterilizing nearly 1460 people.

If we come back to 2008, when Finland’s Nokia decided to close its operations in Germany leaving nearly 2,300 people bankrupt. The finance ministry tried to help Germany by providing Euro1.8 billion. There are many more achievements and you can certainly try to get more information online.

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Timeline Of Finland History




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