History Of Berlin Germany  

The name of Berlin appeared for the 1st time in the history in 1244 and it was merged with its sister town of Koln, both of which were founded around the onset of the thirteen century mainly for trade reasons as they had the right to use to the east west trade route naturally, through the Spree River.

It was founded after the resurgence of the Germanic tribe in the region, which was occupied by the Slavs after the Germanic tribe, had migrated to the west. Albert I the Bear, a Saxon, subdued the Slavs and his successors procured the title Margrave of the Mark of Brandenburg, which can still be seen as a bold black bear rearing up on its hind legs.

The year of 1435 saw Frederick I become the elector and the also the ruler of the Margraviate of Brandenburg and he ruled till the year of 1440. Succeeding him, Frederick II Irontooth declared Berlin as the capital.

Margraviate and subsequently, the members from the Hohnzollern family ruled firstly as the electors of Brandenburg and gradually rose to become the rulers of Prussia and rising up as Emperors in Germany. In 1448, the citizens revolted against the new grand palace constructed by Frederick II Irontooth. The protest proved unsuccessful and the citizens lost many of their economical and political rights. In 1451, Berlin was transformed into a royal residence for the Brandenburg electors and it lost its status of a liberal Hanseatic City.

In 1539, Berlin officially adopted Lutheranism or Protestantism owing to the Protestant Reformation and fared well through the sixteen century primarily because of the growth of trade through the Elbe, Havel and the Spree Rivers.

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History Of Berlin Germany




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