History Of Greece Flag  

Every flag represents a nation and the Greece's flag is most probably the one that can get recognized very easily. It has white designs on a blue backdrop. The Greek flag has white as well as blue stripes. The white stripes are located on the top left hand side of the flag and were made in an overall proportion of 2:3. Greece adopted this design in the year 1978.

Did you know that the earlier flag had a totally different look? The earlier one had just a single diagonal cross as compared to the square presently. It goes back to the year 1822, soon after Greece got independent and was free from the Ottoman Empire.

The flag’s nine stripes denote Freedom, since for a very long time it was under the direct rule of Ottoman Occupation. The other equal cross depicts the religion mainly talking about Churches that played an extremely important role in encouraging the Greeks to fight for independence.

Blue predominantly represents the Sea which is the most important lifeline of Greece. Blue is also the color that denotes protection, positivity and a great color to wave off the evil whereas white represents purity. There were still some who felt that the 9 stripes often represented the 9 muses of Greek mythology. They felt that the blue denoted sea foam and white was meant for Aphrodite. They sometime change the color blue to either light blue or dark blue. Did you know that the Greek flag does have a nickname called Galanolefci? The EU nation's flag also is deep blue in color with a bunch of golden stars forming a circle on it. Most of the beaches in Greece who have achieved the standards of hygiene and cleanliness have the right to wave off clean beach flags.

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History Of Greece Flag




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