Italy Brief History  

Like any other developed nation, Italy too has been ruled by many invaders and emperors. The very first intruders were the Etruscans who reached the Peninsula area as early as eight century.

However, they were driven out by the Romans, who eventually set up your Empire. Even Greeks were no less and they soon began their colonization process soon after the Roman Empire. Now the very first Roman Republic was introduced in the year 509 BC.

This Empire had every other necessary activities carried on due to very powerful military base and strong dominating monarchs. This led to a major expansion and further division of two different sectors called eastern and western. Soon the Roman Empire felt that they could not handle the uncertainties taking place. The social instability led due to famine, plague, and further invasions. This drove them out and Italy was next under the control of Normans, Lombards and Muslims during the twelfth century. The period of Renaissance evolved in the fifteenth century and consisted of rich merchant class people who believed in developing cities, towns, educational centers and ever other technological advancement. The period saw the rise of great painter and philosophers. Later, in the year 1861, France, Austria as well as Spain took control of Italy.

It was during this time that industrialization came into force followed by heavy modernization. It was during the nineteenth century that Italy decided to participate in the much talked World War I, but lost miserably thereby giving Mussolini a chance to dictate over the nation. The period from 1922 to 1945 saw the worst of fascist rule. The movement led to Italy forming an alliance with Germany and once again Italy performed badly at the Second World War. The nation got republic only on 2nd June 1946.You might be well aware that this nation has been the actual home of Romans and Christianity.

Italy has been famous for its artists, food and architecture. The main reason for this nation to do extremely well in the present scenario is because of the number of intruder’s invasions and their ways of developing the nation. A number of kings ruled over this place and an equal number of parties like Consuls and Republics were formed. Octavian, Augustus, Commodus, Claudius, Caligula, Marcus and Aurelius ruled this nation during the Roman Empire. Legends like Di Capri, Donatella, and Michelangelo are some of the artists that contributed a great deal of zest and creativity to this beautiful place. Presently, governed by Berlusconi, who also happens to be the richest man in the whole world enjoying ownership in football clubs, radio stations, and construction is the prime minister.

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Italy Brief History




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