Netherlands History Timelines  

The Netherlands has a long history and is extremely proud of its historical heritage. Here is a brief timeline denoting the long and immense history of the Netherlands.

1st century BC – Batavians, Frisians along with other tribes become the first inhabitants settling along the coastal region of the river Rhine. The Batavians ally with Rome.

4th century AD – Barbarians invasion drive the Saxons to the east and Franks to the south for settlements.

1275 – Foundation of Amsterdam as Holland’s Count Floris V gives freedom from the tolls on trade and travel.

1555 – Spain’s Philip II assigns the Duke of Alba to deal with the situation of the Protestant Reformation in the Low Countries.

1568 – The Dutch stand against Spain at the start of the Eighty Years War.

1578 – Amsterdam gives up cause of the Spanish and Catholic. Catholicism is forbidden and churches, impounded.
Early in the 17th century – Arrival of the Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain.

1602 – Foundation of the United East India Company, which plays a key role in contributing to the “Golden Age” of Holland in new discoveries, explorations and trade.

1609 – Henry Hudson, an English navigator, under contract with the United East India Company discovers Manhattan Island and the present location of New York.

1621 – Charter of the Dutch West India Company.

1642 – The Night Watch is painted by Rembrandt.

1648 – Eighty Years War ends

1795 – Holland is occupied by the French troops with the support of Dutch revolutionaries to form the Batavian Republic forcing William V to flee to England.

1806 – 1810 – Bonaparte’s brother, Louis Bonaparte rules Holland

1813 – The Netherlands reclaim their independence from the reign of French

1830 – Belgium sets out independent from the rule of the Dutch

1853 - World renowned painter Vincent Van Gogh is born

1920 - Launch of KLM, the world’s foremost scheduled airline that operated between Amsterdam and London.

1992 - A single European market is created that paves way for a solitary European currency.

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Netherlands History Timelines




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