Netherlands History Timelines  

The Netherlands has a long history and is extremely proud of its historical heritage. Here is a brief timeline denoting the long and immense history of the Netherlands.

1st century BC – Batavians, Frisians along with other tribes become the first inhabitants settling along the coastal region of the river Rhine. The Batavians ally with Rome.

4th century AD – Barbarians invasion drive the Saxons to the east and Franks to the south for settlements.More...


History Of Religion In The Netherlands

History Of Religion In The Netherlands

The Netherlands was a part of the Roman Empire and carried forward its religion strictly. Before Christianity entered the Netherlands this region consisted of Tribes namely Celtics and Germanic.

The Romans had captured much of the Netherlands mainly the southern part and practiced the Roman mythology .Religions including Judaism, Mithraism, and Egyptian myths and also Christianity were considered and believed throughout the centuries.

During the sixth century, the Netherlands embraced Christianity. The Saxon missionaries did baptize regions like Ludgerus, Lebuinus and Plechelmus in the ninth century. The Bishop had managed to inherit fifty percent of the Netherlands in 1000. New laws against prostitution, robbery, gambling and other sinful activities were taught and followed.More...


Netherlands Brief History

Netherlands Brief History

Most nations around the world considered farming as their main occupation and still many do follow it. Netherlands was no different either. Farming was carried on a large scale at around 4500 BC. They used simple tools to carry forward this occupation. Later at 1900 BC bronze was used to sharpen tools, followed by use of iron in 750 BC.

The Romans managed to capture Belgium as well as Netherlands. They developed the whole of both the places by constructing towns and roads. The Roman Empire could not survive beyond the 4th century and collapsed easily. The Germans, Saxons, Frisians, Franks took advantage of this situation and took over Netherlands. In the mean time, Christianity was adopted followed by Calvinism. The Vikings crashed badly during the ninth and tenth centuries, but trade was not affected. Later, the Dukes of Burgundy took over Netherlands in the early 15th century. This was the period when people were forced to get converted into Calvinists.More...





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