History Of Peace In Norway  

We are aware of the fact that the Peace Prize is awarded in four main areas namely peace, disarmament, arms control, human rights and democracy. The history for the medal to be awarded is to create a better place for everyone. The major institute that determines these awards and also the best institution that the world has observed is in Oslo, Norway.

The institute is known as Peach Research Institute Oslo. This institute is famous for making sure that the implementation process of peace studies are carried safely. This institute was founded by none other than Norwegian researchers in 1959, one of them namely Johan Galtung. This is Norway’s only peace institute and one of the first in the whole world. The director of PRIO presently is Kristian Berg Harpviken .This institute looks after the major gas working buildings in Oslo.

The institute has been a major milestone in the field of peace and democracy. Previous directors like Stein Tonnesson, Dan Smith, Helge Hveem, and Johan Galtung have made sure that the activities were carried forward peacefully. The purpose of this institute was to formulate the research that would bring in different nations together .The researchers in Norway were people who had achieved progress in different fields pertaining to sociology, history, political science, psychology, anthropology and philosophy. The Research of Council granted money to PRIO.

There are few centers that are managed by this institute to carry forward most of its project works in Norway. The PRIO center took help of Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots to expand their scope to bring peace in the Eastern part of Mediterranean. They also take help of Norwegian Church Aid to spread awareness about the disadvantages of small arms and fight for human rights. There are nearly 50 researchers along with interns, students and scholars.

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History Of Peace In Norway




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