History Of Warsaw Poland  

Warsaw is the current capital city of Poland. It is not only a beautiful city, it is replete with history. Here is a brief look at the history of Warsaw:

1300 – The Dukes of Mazovia firmly establish the city of Warsaw, building a stronghold on the present location of the Royal Castle

1413 – Warsaw acts like the base to the Dukes of Mazovia as it grows farther than the city walls.

1526 – As with the other parts of Mazovia, Warsaw too goes under the direct reign of the king of Krakow

1569 – Union of Poland and Lithuania, and Warsaw becomes the seat of debates for the Sejm

1573 – Warsaw becomes the centre of royal elections although; the kings carry on staying in Krakow

1596 – Warsaw, officially becomes the capital city of Poland

1655 – 1660 – Warsaw suffers and soon recovers from the damages due to the Swedish invasion into Poland.

1791 – Warsaw sees the first constitution in Europe being signed

1795 – Due to the partition of Poland, Warsaw comes under the control of the Prussians, reducing it to being a provincial town

1807 - With the birth of the Duchy of Warsaw, it once again becomes a capital city

1830 – The rule goes in the hands of Russia till the onset of the World War I

1918 – Poland regains its independence, reinstating Warsaw as the capital

1939 – With World War II, the Nazi occupied Warsaw for 5 years.

1943 – The occurrence of the Ghetto Uprising in the month of April this year

1944- The Warsaw Uprising continues for a span of 63 days which began on the 1st August

1945 – Invasion of the Red Army into Warsaw on the 17th January, liberating the current capital of Poland from the rule of the Germans.

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History Of Warsaw Poland




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