History Of Romania  

Since 200 BC, Romania has been constantly intruded by migrates and invaders. The early Thracian tribes were the first ones to enter Romania. During the 2nd century, these tribes invited the Roman Empire. However, centuries later as the empire declined due to its constant expansion covering the entire of Europe.

Romania disappeared completely for a few years until it reestablished itself during the medieval period as Principals of Wallachia and Moldavia. These two principalities came together as one in 1859 as they were badly controlled under the previously governing Ottomans. They got independent in 1878 during the Treaty of Berlin. Carol of Hohenzollernsigmaringen was the first prince of the newly formed Romania in the year 1881. This new empire has to shuffle between Ottoman, Russian and Austrian empires and highly adapted everything from the West majorly France as it was known for its educational, social, political and administrative rule.

Romania allied with the US during the First World War, and got additional territories like Bukovina, Transylvania and Bessarabia. Romania was put on the other side due to King Michael in 1944. It had to face nations like Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany. King Michael soon disappeared in 1947 as Romania was declared Republic. Then Romania was governed by the communist party in the year 1965. Nicolae Ceausescu was the head of the Communist Party and due to these changes took place in the economic as well as political area. The party collapsed in 1989 and both he and his wife were executed.

The new party was National Peasants Party which enjoyed a majority of 85 percent and Petre Roman was crowned as the new Prime Minister. This led to the formation of the National Bank.

The government once again failed as the miners started demanding for higher salaries and hence Theodor Stolojan was chosen as the new leader. Victor Ciorbea was adjudged the new Prime Minister in 1998 followed by Isarescu in the year 2000. The PDSR party was once again leading in the general elections that to place in 2000 and Adrian Nastase were chosen as the prime minister as well as Ion Iliescu being the President.

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History Of Romania




History-Of-The-Flags-Of-Romania      The national flag of Romania has three colors arranged vertically in blue, yellow, red order beginning from the flagstaff. These colors were present on the 16th century imperial awards, banners and shields of Michael the Brave. In the times of the Walachian revolution of 1821, these colors were used on the activists’ flag and its borders and were ascribed a meaning: blue for liberty, yellow for justice, and red for fraternity. More..




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