Romania Art History  

After seeing the range and intensity of the murals at the monasteries of Moldovita, Humor, Voronet, Andre Grabar, the great Byzantine intellectual, called this creative trend “an illustrated book open on all its pages”. Maintaining the links with the Byzantine collection, the Modern Age civilization shows a rising trend to follow the European art which has impressions of the Renaissance, Romanticist, or Impressionistic movements.

Nicolae Grigorescu, Ion Andreescu, and Stefan Lucian who added factors similar to Art Nouveau and Impressionism, are the originators of contemporary Romanian work of art. In the first fifty years of the 20th century, many great individuals followed them and set in many new prospects in the field of Romanian painting.

Many new artists like Henri Catargi, Alexandru Ciucurencu, and Ion Tuculescu appeared before the Second World War, and in spite of all difficulties of the autocratic age after the war, continued their work to improve the gist of the national artistic legacy. Constantin Brancusi has initiated the art of Romanian sculpture. Brancusi invigorated the abstract form of ancient art, and Dimitrie Paciurea worked for those symbolic and incredible legendry images that have utility in the ancient emblematical repertories and still are relevant. With the coming of Gheorghe D. Anghel, the twentieth century sculpture art of Romania reclaimed the clarity and intensity of the Byzantine art.

In the field of painting, new artists like Octav Grigorescu, Georgeta Naparus, Ion Pacea, and Petru, etc, came forward in the last years of the century. Their creativity was related to the ideals of our traditions. The guidelines refurbished in postwar carvings particularly in the 1960s are founded on the path made by Brancusi between folk art and today’s artificial thinking. In the 70s, sculpture camps started which were like real open-air museums. 

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Romania Art History




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