Russia History Timeline  

Timeline of Russian history is marked by several facts and a plethora of interesting information about its bygone periods. Here is a brief and comprehensible list of most significant events and their corresponding dates, arranged in a chronological order:

1200s BC: Ukraine was inhabited by the Balkan people, called the Cimmerians.

700s BC: The Scythians of Iranian origin defeated the Cimmerians.

200 BC: The Scythians ceded Ukraine to the Samaritans, who brought in Roman and Greek influence to popular Ukrainian culture.

200 AD: The region was taken over by the Visigoths of German origin.

370 AD: The Visigoths were defeated and forced to abdicate by the Attila-led forces of the Huns.

800s: Various regions of Russia were inhabited by the Eastern Slavs.

862: The region, which had by now become popular for ‘Rus’, was ruled by the Varangian Price Rurik.

988: East Orthodox Church was established by Vladimir I, the Russian Grand Prince.

1200 – 1480: Russia was conquered by the Mongol army, headed by renowned Genghis Khan.

1480: Russia was freed from the clutches of Mongols by Ivan III.

1547: Ivan IV was proclaimed the first Russian Czar

1682: Peter-the Great took over the throne and became the next Czar.

1762: Catherine-the Great was proclaimed the Russian Empress

Late 1700s: Poland was split between Prussian, Russia, and Austria. Poland also ceded Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania to Russia.

1801: Alexander I was proclaimed the Russian Czar

1812: Napoleon-led troops invaded Russia but were badly defeated by Alexander

1825: Nicholas I was declared as the next Czar of Russia

1853: Crimean War between Ottoman Empire and Russia broke out

1867: Alaska was sold by Russia to the USA

1894: Nicholas II became the Russian Czar

1898: The Marxists established the Social Democratic Labor Party in Russia.

1903: Lenin was declared the head of Bolsheviks

1914: Russians opposed the Austrians and Germans during the First World War

1917: Russian government was overthrown by revolutionaries

1918 (July): Czar Nicholas-II, along with his family, was brutally assassinated.

1918: Russia was converted to the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic that was later transformed to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR).

1924: Death of Lenin

1929: Stalin was declared the head of USSR

1939: Poland was conquered by German forces, leading to the Second World War

1939: Poland was occupied by Russia

May, 1945: Berlin was ceded to Russia

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Russia History Timeline




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