History Of Medieval Spain  

Soon after Spain was conquered by the Moors in the year 711 AD, the Romans and the Visigoths’ descendants joined their forces to compel the Moors to abdicate the Spanish throne and leave Spain once and for all. The Spanish forces had eventually conquered an increasingly large portion of the country, beginning near France in north and extending their reach down towards the south.

A famous story associated with this period of Spanish history is that of the famous Roland’s Song. Roland, a Charlemagne army’s soldier, fought for Spain around 800 A.D. and was killed by the Moors while fighting.

Another major milestone in history of Medieval Spain was when around 1100 A.D., several French soldiers, who fought in Reconquest, helped the people from Spain after the war was over.

Not much headway was made by them against the then Spanish rulers, the Almohads. However, the reign of the Almohads was brought to an end by the civil war that followed soon after. Toledo was taken over by the Christians in year 1212. In 1236, Cordoba was also conquered by the army of Spain. In year 1250, the Moors were left with only the Kingdom of Granada, located to the extreme south of Spain. Thus, the history of Medieval Spain saw the rise and fall of the Moors’ empire in the country.

Eventually, in the year 1492, the whole of Portugal and Spain were re-conquered by Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon. After their historic victory, Spain became independent. While all the Jews were compelled to migrate to Istanbul and Greece, majority of the Moors moved to Northern Africa.

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History Of Medieval Spain




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