Timeline Of Spain S History  

Timeline of Spain’s history is marked by numerous facts and a lot of interesting information regarding the long-gone periods of the country. Following is a concise and clear list of events and their corresponding dates, arranged in a chronological order:More...

History Of Medieval Spain

History Of Medieval Spain

Soon after Spain was conquered by the Moors in the year 711 AD, the Romans and the Visigoths’ descendants joined their forces to compel the Moors to abdicate the Spanish throne and leave Spain once and for all. The Spanish forces had eventually conquered an increasingly large portion of the country, beginning near France in north and extending their reach down towards the south.

A famous story associated with this period of Spanish history is that of the famous Roland’s Song. Roland, a Charlemagne army’s soldier, fought for Spain around 800 A.D. and was killed by the Moors while fighting.

Another major milestone in history of Medieval Spain was when around 1100 A.D., several French soldiers, who fought in Reconquest, helped the people from Spain after the war was over.More...


Culture And History Of Spain

Culture And History Of Spain

The Spanish culture is a distinctive European culture that reflects a wide variety of influences from several other cultures. The foreign cultures that made the most significant contributions to the rich, diverse culture of the country of Spain include the Roman and pre-Roman cultures, especially those of the Iberians and the Celts. A long-lasting cultural legacy was left behind in Spain by the people of Ancient Rome, specifically in the areas of religion, language, and literature.

The succeeding itinerary of culture and history of Spain further added several significant facets to the cultural development of the country. For instance, the great Visigoths, during their reign in Spain, influenced the native Spanish culture to a great extent. They left behind the concept of the united Christian Hispania, which was later merged into the Reconquista.

The time from 711 A.D. to the end of the 15th century was marked by significant contributions made to the Spanish Culture by the Muslim rulers. Many new ‘loanwords’ were adopted by the native language during this period.More...





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