History Of Tourism In New Zealand  

New Zealand is an abundant wealth of natural beauty and resources. New Zealand is known as the youngest country of the world. This major landmass was discovered much later by humanity. However, historians claim that prehistoric man had discovered this piece of land as evidences of migration were found.

People from Australia could have most probably migrated and settle din new Zealand. However, when the western civilization found and explored this land, they found no sign of any settlements. New Zealand has a fascinating history. Some of the most beautiful historic sites like the Maori and the Taonga are found here. Some of them date thousands of years. It is also a culturally diverse country today.

Tourism to New Zealand started only in the late 19th century. Historians and archaeologists were one of the first to discover the abundant natural beauty of the country. The British Crown founded the region, and they along with the Maori brought in some infrastructure and access to several landscapes. They formed the Treaty of Waitangi, which allowed several more people to visit this land. However, the Maori were one of the first to migrate to New Zealand. So, officially the country can be called theirs.

History has that the Dutch discovered the land much before the Europeans and then the British colonized it. So, when you visit New Zealand you will find a rich cultural heritage of the Maori tribes and the British as well. Today the country is one of the fastest growing tourism spots of the world.

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History Of Tourism In New Zealand




New-Zealand-Army-History      New Zealand is the youngest country of the world, but it has a history that spans several thousands of years. The Maori were one of the first people to settle in the country almost a millennium ago. There is too much land and rich wealth of natural resources here. However, New Zealand soon became war stricken with several people discovering this piece of land. More..




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