New Zealand Army History  

New Zealand is the youngest country of the world, but it has a history that spans several thousands of years. The Maori were one of the first people to settle in the country almost a millennium ago. There is too much land and rich wealth of natural resources here. However, New Zealand soon became war stricken with several people discovering this piece of land.

War was fought mainly with short range weapons made of wood like muskets for example. When the British colonized New Zealand, war began on land to claim land. The Maori allies fought the British severely. During the first half of the twentieth century the original races of New Zealand fought along with the British in the Boer War and the World War. During the latter half of the 20th century, the country had its own military known as the New Zealand Defense Force. They have also provided help to the United States by joining in them in wars.

From 1940 to 1970, there was mandatory military training followed in New Zealand. The rule was formed by the National Party government. In 1949, the New Zealand Military then formed the formal New Zealand Army. The Second Labor government employed several people in its army under the compulsory military training program. However, the Third labor government later abolished the rule. After that the New Zealand Army became a voluntary organization, and only those who wished to join armed forces were only taken. However, today New Zealand is a free country and they have no wars whatsoever.

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New Zealand Army History




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