New Zealand Cultural History  

New Zealand being the youngest of the countries has the most colorful history of allows. There is nothing more mesmerizing as studying about the history of New Zealand. Though the land is a new found land, the history dates back to prehistoric times.

All humans are born explorers and people have found the mass of land called New Zealand even before the Modern western civilization found it. Ever since the land mass separated from the super continent of Gondana some eighty million years ago all kind of beings including the prehistoric man has lived in New Zealand.

Polynesians discovered New Zealand, and started settling here somewhere from 950 to 1130 AD. The Maori People have been settling in New Zealand ever since then. When we go into the cultural history of New Zealand, we find two main influences on it. One is their rich Maori culture which dates thousands of years from now, and the other major influence comes from the modern western civilizations and the British.

The British have colonized New Zealand for more than thee centuries now and much of the Maori tribes have also adapted to the modern civilization. However, agriculture was a main part of the culture of people who lived in this country. People hunted and grew their own food much before the British came. People also knew how to fight wars because the first interaction between the Maoris and the British was very violent and ended in severe bloodshed. Culture manly involved the tribal rituals and their way of life. Most tribal lived in closed communities.

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New Zealand Cultural History




New-Zealand-Education-History      New Zealand is a culturally and geographically diverse place. It is rich in natural resources and mineral wealth. However, the country started getting modernized only after the British colonized the land which was after the mid 18th century. More..




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