Timeline Of New Zealand History  

New Zealand is a beautiful country in the Southern Hemisphere, close to Australia. Made up of 2 main islands, the country has always been a fascination because of its rich culture and natural beauty. However, many people do not know much about New Zealand.

Here is a timeline of New Zealand history that will give you more insight into this country's past:

1300 AD
This period was the beginning of the Polynesian settlements. These were the ancestors of the present day Maoris.

The Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman was the first to have discovered New Zealand.

1644 to 1647
First time New Zealand figured on a formal map and it was called the Zeelandiua Nova.

A British explorer by the name of James Cook visited New Zealand with the idea of colonizing it.

French explorers started visiting the land. Soon deep sea whaling and other forms trade started getting established in the country.

European women start arriving in the country.

The first Anglican mission was established in the country.

War begins in New Zealand between various people of different ethnic backgrounds.

The first signs of weapons come to sight and some were provided by King George like Muskets for example.

War against southern tribes was declared.

After much of war, a declaration of independence was signed by the United Tribes of New Zealand in which nearly 3 chiefs participated.

The British rule was formally established in New Zealand for the first time and was called the New South Wales. This was mainly established to carry out trade to New Zealand and Australia at the same time.

The first company was established in New Zealand Port. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed with the help of the British so that trade can be carried out to various other parts of the world.

First sign of modernization were seen in the country when electricity arrived.

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Timeline Of New Zealand History




History-Of-Tourism-In-New-Zealand      New Zealand is an abundant wealth of natural beauty and resources. New Zealand is known as the youngest country of the world. This major landmass was discovered much later by humanity. However, historians claim that prehistoric man had discovered this piece of land as evidences of migration were found. More..




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