History Of Medicine In South Asia  

Modern allopathic medicine has almost conquered the world. The entire world depends on it today because it is fast and effective. It is also life saving. When we talk about the history of medicine in South Asia it means most of it was traditional medicine. Allopathic is rather new and modern invention of man.

Medicine has always been practiced since thousands of years and in different parts of the world. Different cultures have different ways of treating illnesses and conditions. Even today some of the practices of the traditional medicine are being practiced.

South Asia mainly comprises of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan today. However, before these partitions it was all one big country known as India. Traditional medicine was practiced widely in India. Traditional medicine uses plants and herbs and extracts various kinds of juices from them for the cure. However, traditional medicine does have its limitations because it cannot cure more serious diseases like cancer, for example. It is helpful in only controlling the symptoms. Nonetheless, traditional medicine does have its advantages. For example, if people had a deep cut then it is common for us to take shots like tetanus and go for antibiotics to avoid an infection.

In ancient medicine herbs like ginger and garlic were used as antiseptics. They do have the properties of an antibiotic and without side effects. There are several other plants and herbs which function in various curative purposes without any side effects. Even today traditional medicine is being used to compliment allopathic medications.

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History Of Medicine In South Asia




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