South Asia Art History  

When we say South Asia it mainly comprises of India and the surrounding smaller countries. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan form the South Asian part of the world. However, during ancient times everything was one huge mass of land and without boundaries. There were several different cultures in this huge piece of land and also people of different ethnicities lived here. It is perhaps the oldest form of civilization and people have always conducted their lives in these parts.

India itself is a very diverse land with different cultures and their traditions alive even today. India has rich art history that can be seen in various forms even today. The same kind of art can be seen in other countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even the Far East.

Art was widely used in the society and several structures that speak about the art traditions that have been dated to thousands of years. Sculptural art found in the huge temples of Tamilnadu and extended parts have been built some thousands of years ago. Art was widely used in architecture. Art was also used as paintings and several cave paintings have been found in the western parts of India. The famous Khajuraho is one such example of cave paintings. The temples of India have a unique conical structure that spread to several parts of South Asia itself. Such temples are found with small variations even in Malaysia and Thailand.

India's art history spans over a few thousands of years and it has influences of several other regions of the w world. Starting from the 15th century you will see several Muslim influences on the art of India because of Muslim invasion.

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South Asia Art History




South-Asia-History      South Asia is a diverse land with several different cultures in one part of the world. The Indian subcontinent forms the major part of South Asia along with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Among all these countries, Maldives and Sri Lanka are the smallest. Nepal and Bhutan are also the modern countries of South Asia. More..




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